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    I have used a WP setup and the ‘Enterprise’ theme to create my new website. It has a search function in the menu/nav bar, but when you load the main url (home page) of the site it shows a ‘Not Found’ message, where is has apparently already done a search.

    It doesn’t do this on the other pages, but there isn’t anything referring to this in index.php, actually not in page.php either as far as I can see ?

    If anyone can point me in the right direction of how to get rid of this I would appreciate it, really struggling.

    I posted a few questions over the last couple of days, and subsequently worked out the answer, I’m not going to with this I’m afraid. – ‘Not Found’ under the 6 boxes please scroll.

    Many thanks


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    @acknowledged74 I believe the search form comes up because I’m guessing that you did not add a certain page or section for the theme. Since the theme is premium, we don’t have access to it to ascertain the problem. Suggestions:
    1. Check in the theme’s documentation at premium theme’s site or in theme’s readme file (if any) whether you need to set up a page or check something in theme’s options panel in dashboard for the home page
    2. You should get free support for your premium theme at theme author’s site to resolve this issue

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