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    I’m having a problem with removing one of my Privacy Policy link on my site I’m building and modifying it at the moment actually.

    The trouble is, at the bottom of the site, you can easily see that there are 2 Privacy Policy links, and I really want to remove the link at the very bottom left corner of the site. I can’t remember how I put it there 🙁

    If you have any ideas, please show me!

    Thank you in advance!

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  • By the way, I check the footer.php several times, and I only found 1 line of this:

    <div class="footer-bottom">
    	<p style="float:left;" class="tag-line"><a href="/privacy-policy">Privacy Policy</a>

    I’ve just added it there actually.

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    Remove the Privacy Policy added by you. Also see if you have in your theme boxes/ widgets to add Privacy Policy and if you have added there too.

    this line is coming after footer

    <p style=”clear:both;”>
    Privacy Policy

    @krishna: Thanks, but I checked everything and still can’t find out where did I added the second one.

    @nitin_8: Thanks, I’ve just added <p style=”clear:both;”> but there’s nothing change 🙁 any other ideas?

    can i see your footer.php
    if yes please use pastebin

    You have this in your footer:

    <div class="footer-bottom">
    <p class="tag-line" style="clear:both; float:left">
    <a href="/privacy-policy">Privacy Policy</a>
    <a href="/terms-of-service">Terms of Service</a>

    As you have footer widgets, you can check them or see if you have directly inserted in footer.php

    Yeah sure, here is it

    See line 12.

    @krishna: I’ve just check the footer widget areas but there’s nothing 🙁

    Look at the footer.php (Pastebin line 12). Open it, remove whatever you want to remove and save if you are using dashboard.

    PS: Keep a saved unedited copy so that you can replace it in case anything goes wrong.

    I got your idea, but the problem is I intentionally added the 12th line there so that my Privacy Policy and Terms of Service will appear at the bottom. However, there’s another Privacy Policy link appear at the very left corner bottom, you can see it if you check my site link And I really want to remove that link.



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    the link is added via the ‘wp_footer()’ hook; possibly by a function in functions.php of your theme, or by a plugin (?)

    @alchymyth: I didn’t install any Privacy Plugin, unfortunately, and I also have checked the functions.php. Can you please tell me which kind of code should I look for in the functions.php actually?



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    which kind of code should I look for in the functions.php

    possibly something with ‘add_action(‘wp_footer’, …..)

    @all: Hi again, thanks for all your answers, they’re all helpful. The problem is solved. Thanks a lot!!!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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