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  • Hello. I’m pretty new to wordpress and have been searching for a while for the answer to this without finding it. I’ve experimented with nextgen gallery and don’t think it can do what I want.

    My concept is that I have a static page with 3 images down the side. this is as far as i’m ok. What I want to happen when someone clicks on one of the images is it opens an overlay/lightbox with that image and a few other, new images. In the overlay i would like to have thumbnails below or on the side of the main image, and a caption. each of these ‘overlay sub galleries’ would have 2-5 images.

    To clarify, when i have images a,b,c on the page, clicking on image a opens an ‘overlay sub gallery’ with a,d,e and image b opens b,f,g,h,i.

    Hopefully this makes sense. My question is, how can I do this, or at least where do I start? What plugin(s) should i install and learn to use?

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