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  • I made the collapsomatic a plugin on a WordPress page, as a sub menu for blogs. There are 10 different blog categories and the collapsomatic shows/hides the blogs the user clicks on.

    How can I link those blogs to each separate collapsomatic category? Do I have to link them manually, through the php? How do I use the shortcode on them so the blogs only go in the collapsomatic boxes and when blogs get written, they automatically go in their respective collapsomatic boxes?

    Srry. Kinda a WP noob

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  • Just today, i have been developing a supplemental plugin to Collapse-O-Matic, called Collapse-O-Collection (let me know if you consider this infringement, Baden! and, P.S. i’d love to run this one by you at some point). akivi, it should be able to give you this functionality and is just about ready. i am using it extensively for a new site i’m developing. The description is as follows:

    Collapse-O-Collection creates a shortcode that is able to collect subpages or posts (filtered by category, type, author, and/or tag) and cleanly list them using jQuery Collapse-O-Matic. Requires the jQuery Collapse-O-Matic plugin.

    The [collect] shortcode takes the following parameters:


    **If none of the above post parameters are defined, then the collection pulls subpages of the current page (or nothing, if embedded in a post)**

    number=”*Number of posts to display*” (defaults to all)
    expand=”*Number of posts at start of collection to set expanded*” (defaults to 0)
    display=”*excerpt | full*” (defaults to excerpt)
    highlander=”*Sets Collapse-O-Matic highlander class*” (defaults to no relation)
    split=”*Sets number of columns for the collection of posts*” (defaults to 1 and limited to 7)
    header=”*Sets a header for the current collection of posts*”
    headhighlander=”*Sets Collapse-O-Matic highlander class for header*”
    headlevel=”*first | second*” (defaults to ‘first’)
    headexpand=”*no*” (default is expanded)
    findme=”*auto | no*” (defaults to auto)

    splitchild=”*Sets number of columns for child pages*” (defaults to 1 and limited to 7)
    splitgrandchild=”*Sets number of columns for grandchild pages*” (defaults to 1 and limited to 7)

    Additionally, if a header has been provided, content can be enclosed in the shortcode, which will then display directly beneath the header and before the collection.

    akivi: You can see what i have, thus far, developed at Hope this helps your situation some. Test it out and let me know how it works for you. Thanks!

    I will try it out. Thank you UaMV

    i made a few small updates. If you’ve grabbed it once, you might want to grab it again.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Cool! We’ll check this out in the next days. Thanks UaMV.

    Okay, i’ve made some further edits … the above description and some of the above attributes are no longer valid. i think it is now pretty well set (at least for my current purposes).

    OK. Im still having trouble putting blog pages inside collaps-o-matic box. How can I use the shortcode and Collaps-O-Collection with blog postings?
    Do I put the shortcode inside functions.php?
    Or do I just put the shortcode inside [expand] shortcode? [/expand]

    Sorry, im a noob. Thanx in advance

    Are you wanting to make a single post collapsible? Are you using this on a multi-site install? (don’t know if Collapse-O-Collection will work on multi-site … not tested) Or do you have multiple authors on a single blog? Do you have a test page you can share? Need a little more info. Thanks!

    I have 10 different categories that have collapsable boxes. All 10 have 10 different blog pages in it. The one I am currently trying to get to work is in Posts category. Its all going to have one author. All the blog posts are there right now. I will add the 9 more later. There are are subpages to this site. I am running this off from MAMP right now, so I dont know if I can forward you the link.

    I am also trying to use Display Posts Shortcode plugin and put those posts in the Collapsomatic.

    Oh and I am inputting the text into Collapsomatic boxes at the page admin dashboard.

    If you’ve installed both Collapse-O-Matic and Collapse-O-Collection 0.2, then you should be able to simply enter the following shortcode in any page or post. This will display excerpts of all posts in the ‘Posts’ category:

    [collect category=”posts”]

    This will work, provided the slug for the ‘Posts’ category is actually set to ‘posts’. If you’d like to display the full post, you can add the attribute display=”full”.

    Note, that the [expand] shortcode is not even needed on the front-end, as it is performed on the back-end of the [collect] shortcode. Of course, this does limit the customization of the collapsed content. Let me know if this works for you.

    Thank you for the support UaMV. Much appreciated

    ‘Tis a pleasure to be of assistance.



    This page was very inspirational to me
    i built a page which collects all the posts in “reviews” category.
    Id like only 2 more things:
    1. when i expand one post, that would collapse the expanded before
    2. i did not understand the split attribute
    i wrote [collect category=”reviews” display=”full” split=”4″]
    i thought i will get a menu-like thing with 4 links in a row but each
    link is in a separate line
    Is it possible to split the line into 4 links, each showing the title of another post?
    thanks for help, it is a great add to the plugin



    Pretty sure I’ve updated this plugin for my personal use but have not yet posted it back to the above linked site. I’ll try and update that page within the next 48 hours. Glad this was of use. I also hope to get this in the repository which would help with any future updates. Just don’t quite have it to that point yet.

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