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  • Hello guys! I’m facing this particular situation: I need to move a standalone site to be part of a multisite.

    Since I cannot simply copy all of the folders and database, what tables and options items would you suggest to copy to the new database?

    Since MailPoet have no options to export newsletters templates, and the sites use several ones, with different, several lists, I guess I could do this by copyin the entire *wysija* tables to the new db, right? Can you guide me on what to copy, what to edit and what not?

    Also, if you have any handy tutorial online, please link to it.

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    Hi Marcelo,

    I’ll ask a developer to get back to you on that one. I’m suspecting that there’s more than just simply copying the wysija tables to the DB. Hold on!

    Thank you, I need to add several sites to a multisite environment and two of them are using MailPoet and this question is the only thing stopping me. So, I’ll wait for answers soon. Thanks!

    Hello Marcelo,
    This requires a few steps:

    1. First of all, make sure you have a backup of your current site.

    2. Upgrade it to a MS site.

    3. On the MS site, re-install Mailpoet from scratch. You will find the option under Mailpoet > Settings > Advanced > Geeky options

    4. Now, look at your database.
    Let’s say, you have 2 single sites installed.
    And their prefixs are “wp1_” and “wp2_”.

    You also find out a list of tables which start with: “wp1_wysija_”.
    Delete these tables!

    5. Next, open your old database (of the old single site).
    Copy tables which start with “wp_wysija_”, and bring to your new MS site’s database.

    6. Change their prefix, from “wp_wysija_” to “wp1_wysija_”.

    7. If you change your single site’s URL, you might have to update URLs in your newsletters too.
    Basically, you will run a SQL query on the table “wp1_wysija_email”, column “body”, then replace the old URL with the new URL.

    Finally, you have 2 sub-sites, in which:
    – The first sub-site is running the same version of your old single site.
    – The second one is running a fresh installation of Mailpoet.

    Try that and let us know.

    Hello Tung. I think my question wasnt properly formulated. Looks like you are explaining how to convert to multisite from a standalone WP site. But what I want is to move a standalone WP site already using MailPoet to a already existing multisite instance, without losing any data.
    As far as I know, re-install Mailpoet from scratch will delete all my customizations, right? I don’t want to lose a thing.
    Is still your method valid for this?

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    Hi Marcelo,

    Tung explained it right. You first need to “prepare” your MS install, by installing MailPoet on it, then later on you move your tables from your old website into one of your Multisite’s site (by deleting and then copying over the wysija tables).

    Does it make sense?!

    Hi! Sorry for the late answer. The later does indeed make sense. But this lead me to a new question: do I need to copy any data from the old options table to the corresponding one in the new site? (whether I’m a premium user or not).

    Also: do I need to copy “something” from within the old wp-content/uploads/wysija folder or is all that automatically created on install, ONCE, and never touched again?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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