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    i can’t seem to figure out what file to edit in my blix theme to change the appearance of any of the comment stuff (comments, comment form, etc)

    i’ve been editing comments-popup.php but it seems to have no effect on the page — in fact if i delete comments-popup.php itself it doesn’t change anything. so i’m guessing this is not the file to update — unfortunately i can’t figure out where the right file is…

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  • I don’t know about that theme, as i’ve never seen it, but you should be able to just edit comments.php and then it will show up.

    that’s what i figured too, but like i said i even delete comments-popup.php and the comment submit form is still there… thanks though

    I’m not sure exactly what you are attempting to change. However, if you are trying to change the apperance, comments.php isn’t going to do it.

    You’ll need to edit spring_flavor.css AND layout.cass
    Look for the section designated with /* Comments in both. Also, because it’s a form you may have to tweak the form layout in both as well.

    No point editing comments-popup.php if you dont use the pop up comment form. Try to edit comments.php instead, that should work for you.

    thanks guys. i forgot when i had hacked a couple files to use the wordpress/vbulletin bridge, so i reverted them now that i’ve decided just to go with wp’s built-in comments system. thanks for feedback and pointing me to the css files too

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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