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  • Hey guys, I want to make a website where someone “X” can choose 1 “question” and 1 “answer” and he will get a “match” with someone “Y” who chose “user X”‘s question as answer and “user X”‘s answer as question.
    So basically they just get match by 2 topics for example:
    I am looking to offer my car as exchange for getting a horse.
    The other guy is looking to offer his horse and get a car.
    How do I match between these two users? (without register for a start).

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    Some sort of keyword matching scheme is feasible, but without registration is kind of a problem. You’d still need to collect personal information such as an email. If you do that it’s better to require registration so the email can be verified.

    Keyword matching is problematic in itself. Basic keyword queries are not very smart. It wouldn’t match “bike” with “bicycle”, nor realize that maybe it should be matching “motorcycle” instead. Some sort of more sophisticated semantic matching algorithm is unlikely to be available and is too complex to be developed as a one off bespoke app.

    Barter exchange schemes tend to fail in any volume because of the difficulty of finding someone that has precisely the opposite needs of another. It may be better to have a typical classified listing scheme, knowing that barter exchange is the primary goal. People can add listings and find them through conventional searches without requiring an exact match on both ends. From your example, maybe I need a car but only have a mule, not a horse. Maybe you’ll consider a mule, maybe not. We won’t know if an exact match both ways is required, but I could at least inquire if I search for cars and see you want a horse.



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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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