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    Hi all.

    I wish a way to go through all my posts and remove all their tags (except for the headers actuelly).

    Is there such a way to do it ?

    (the only way I can think of is going post post, doing cut&paste to note-pad, and fixing the header-tags. But I have 200 posts, PLEASE tell me there is another way 🙁

    (for I have uploaded my texts from ms-word, to post2blog – which has a build in clean up for files from word – but it did not clean good enough…)

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I’d recommend backing up your posts table to a .sql file, which is basically just a text file. Then you can use a text editor that allows you use regular expression search and replace (I’m thinking of Quanta Plus for Linux desktops; I don’t know what’s out there that’s open-source for Windows) to remove those tags.


    Could you direct me as to how to save my sql – download and upload it ?
    (I have installed GamerZ “wp-dbmanager204” plugin, can it help ?)

    I am using a goDady acount.
    As for the program to use for editing the file – I will find one – and write here about it.

    Did I say thanks ?


    I don’t know anything about the plugin you mention, but here is a lot of helpful information about how to back up your database (i.e., end up with an sql file).

    Here you can learn how to restore your database.

    you are an angel !
    (one of the good one’s, not a falling one 😛 )

    10x !

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