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  • invisiblue


    So I’m building a custom post type, that’s basically a Job Ticket. This is a ticket that will be filled out for a Lighting Event company, which details a single job, what inventory items are needed and other details.

    I’ve looked for “inventory management” plugins and such but have only found e-commerce related stuff. All I need is a very simple plugin that will allow me to add items to inventory. Then, if I can either have a custom meta box that shows on my custom post type page, so i can reference the inventory available while filling out the custom post job ticket.. or even better would be to have the available inventory display on the actual custom post type form. I think either way would work fine though.

    Are there any thoughts on how I could accomplish this? I might be open to paying for help, but I thought I’d check here first to see if anyone has any ideas to help me. Thank you!!


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  • vtxyzzy


    The learning curve is a little steep, but the Pods CMS Framework plugin will let you define database tables with customized fields and provide the admin interface for adding/editing records in the tables.

    There are addons for allowing record maintenance in the front end in addition to the basic admin interface.



    Looking into this now. Thank you very much for pointing me there!! 🙂

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