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    My website is hosted at Siteground which means I have Cloudflare basic service and Super Cacher service with them.

    But I also have W3 Total Cache plugin, which I’m not sure whether it is a good idea to disable.

    I have enabled both Cloudflare and Cache on WordPress Geo Plugin, but it’s only works well if I disable W3 Total Cache.

    I’m not a developer and I don’t know too much about configuring W3 Total Cache.

    Can you or anyone help me to configure it so that it works with WordPress Geo Plugin?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Ivijan-Stefan Stipic



    Are you enable cache support on the WordPress Geo Plugin setting page?

    If you enable it it should work but in some cases W3 Total Cache can do some hard server cache and you only get snapshoot from the last cache what is not good.

    if you disable server cache in that case, it should work fine.

    Can you give us more information how you use WordPress Geo Plugin and what is your need?



    Yes, I enabled “cache support” on WordPress Geo Plugin setting page.

    I’m not sure how to disable server cache. Do you mean on W3 Total Chache, or is this something do be done on the server? I have tried to disable both Cloudflare and Super Cacher, and just let W3 Total Cacher, but it doesn’t work.

    Only when I disable W3 Total Cacher, it seems to work, (but then, any change I do on my site doesn’t see to be visible inmediately, even if flushing Cloudflare and Super Cacher, which is weird … I’m not able to actually refresh a page unless I reactivate W3 Total Cache.

    Maybe I need to try with some other cache plugin that works with WordPress Geo Plugin? Which ones are those?

    I’m trying to use WordPress Geo Plugin in order to serve different Amazon ads. Amazon Spain ads for my Spanish visitors, and ads for my Latino visitors.

    Plugin Author Ivijan-Stefan Stipic



    send us message on the and we will create support for you.


    Plugin Author Ivijan-Stefan Stipic



    We answer to your question via email but will place part of this message here for the others:

    W3 Total Cache like most cache plugins have one option called “server cache”.

    This option allows the cache plugin to create a snapshot of every page on the site, save to HTML and serve instead of dynamic content. This option is good because avoiding excessive database queries and loading site faster, but there are problems when it comes to dynamic content.

    Our plugin uses javascript and AJAX to avoid this problem but due to the complexity of our plugin and because the cache plugin authors didn’t yet support our plugin, we have a problem with plugin functionality.

    I must mention that the server cache can be a backdoor for hacking because hackers can spit out a malicious script during creation a new cache file and infecting the server or they can locate direct path to the cached files and if permissions are public, they can modify it and affect server or site.

    This option can be turned off and prevent the cache server from being left untouched or bypassing the plugin and using a very simple way to speed up and site compression:

    For now only part of our plugin works with full server cache like geo ganner, geo tags, SEO redirection and geo defender, but the other parts works depending on the cache plugin settings. We will have a full solution in the future, but for now this remains an open problem.



    Thank you very much, Ivijan-Stefan Stipic, for your great support.

    Although the option to turn off cache server that you suggested seems that has not worked for me (yet), I’m very happy with your support and your plugin, and I want to share that I found a cache plugin that works perfectly with CF Geo Plugin.

    It’s WP Fastest Cache, which has excellent reviews and which has boosted my website results on GTMetrix.

    It has an option to disable cache server. Actually, I have enabled everything in the free version, including Cloudflare, with my Cloudflare API key, except cache server.

    With cache server enabled your plugin doesn’t work, but it works perfectly with cache server disabled, and I even got a better result in GTMetrix.

    Still sad that your solution didn’t work for me, but it might work for other people! 🙂

    Kindest regards,

    Plugin Author Ivijan-Stefan Stipic


    Thank you for this!

    Yes, some setups can work some not. Server cache is not good solution in all cases anyway and can cause bigger problems in some cases.

    Each WP installation is individual because there are many factors that affect the good performance of the plugins, not only for mine but the other authors as well.

    For years I have been developing a plugin to work on all installations or servers but sometimes it is necessary for other authors to notice my plugin and write an supports for it (does not need many lines of code).

    Overall, I’m glad someone wanted to help in finding solution.

    Many thanks.


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