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    you need to provide more information such as a link to your site and the name of your theme – and most probably the solution will not be simple.



    You have to use custom query with arguments..
    posts_per_page decides how many posts u want to show on a page.
    post_type decides that u want to show post or page.

    $args = array('post_status'=>'publish','post_type'=>'post','posts_per_page' => 3);
            	$cus_loop = new WP_Query($args);
        if($cus_loop->have_posts()): while($cus_loop->have_posts()):$cus_loop->the_post();

    my theme Clearness is and my site url is below , tell me what should i do :

    there isnt any simple way ?


    I feel your pain Forexsq,
    I would like to do the same thing
    I want to have 3 posts on the first page (the homepage if you will) of the blog. The rest of the blog should have at least 5 posts per page.
    And the 3 posts I put on the main page will come from different categories and it is a must that I can put them in order.

    Here is then silly way I have done this myself since, like you, I cannot find the answer anywhere.
    After trying every stick plugin I went right back to WP_Sticky
    And make the three post I wanted on the front page Announcements in reverse order which made the last Announcement the first post on the page.
    I set in the Setting Tools under reading 3 post which sucks because now very category is limited to 3 posts.
    Then end result is that I have my 3 posts in the right order on my front page.
    Wish someone could give us a better system
    Thanks in advance for your efforts in coming up with something for us.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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