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    Right now, if I google a few particular things, it will bring up my main blog page, as a result… but I can never get any of my entries to show up as results. Do I have to add meta tags to each entry or something?

    How can I do this?

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  • if use use all in one seo plugin, it will automatically notify search engines when you create a new post,plus you can add meta tags to headers, keywords, etc.

    oh cool!

    you said notify for new posts… will it also make my old ones searchable too when I first install it?

    You can test out these settings for the plugin:

    “Use Categories for META keywords”
    “Use Tags for META keywords”
    “Dynamically Generate Keywords for Posts Page”
    “Autogenerate Descriptions”

    Those may help add a little extra optimization for your old posts depending on how optimized your categories and tags are. For better results, when you’re editing a post there will be an All In One SEO Pack section at the bottom where you can add custom descriptions and keywords. It might be worth going through some old posts and testing that out as well.

    If you’re not using pretty URLS with good page titles, that could be having a negative effect as well.


    Something that could also help once you install the SEO plugin, I would cut your posts up with the “read more” line break in WP, this will allow you to add specific key words and titles to that post. Right now, your blog is just one big string of posts. Check out my blog to see how I use the “read more” feature. I would also recommend registering your site with Google and verifying it. You should also install a site map generator, it will ping Google when you make a new post. But, I think you would be best served by using the “read more” feature, even on the old posts. And don’t worry about Google, they will crawl and index your posts, those little buggers go everywhere!


    Odinkinder, I really like some of that stuff.

    How did you get the twitter thing on the top?

    Also, I don’t see “read more” option in SEO plugin… how do I configure that? Can you tell me a little bit more about how to configure it and then add specific key words to each post?

    Hello Maestrodt,

    The Twitter thing is a part of my theme, it is a widget area that you “drop” a WP twitter plugin to. My theme is what is called a “premium” theme, I bought it from Theme Forest, it cost $32. It has features the free themes don’t.

    The “read more” feature is not on the SEO plugin, it is a part of WP. If you look in you page or post admin panel, on the first row of buttons above your text you will see it, two rectangles with a gap, that is the page break button. I usually like to insert it right after a period, before the start of my next sentence.

    May I suggest this? There are places to learn SEO and WordPress, a year ago, I didn’t know how to do either. I learned both here. it’s a pay to learn site, with tutorial videos, $25 a month, not bad. You could also search for tutorials on line, there are many out there that are free. As for more on SEO, Google has a TON of info. If you don’t have an account, get one and learn to use the web master tools.

    This time last year, I was just starting with WP and SEO, now I have two WP blogs, one WP CMS, and one more coming soon. On Google I am on page one in the SERPs for some of the most searched terms in my industry locally. So, everything is possible, if I have done it, so can you!

    Hope I have been of help.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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