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  • Hi All,

    How can I make a link like this?

    the “Using_Permalinks” part, U & P is Capital letters. But WP automatically convert upper case to lower case.

    I’m trying to convert an old site that made by only html to a WP platform site. Some links to the site look like this:


    The site is already indexed by SEs. so I don’t want to lose SE rankings.

    Thanks for reading this, and hope somebody will be able to shed some light on it…

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  • Welcome to the world of regexp and .htaccess. Sasly that is where you have to go.

    Hi ccoupe,

    Thanks much for the welcome message!

    But now I’m looking for a map, where can I get a map of the .htaccess city?

    Hope you can point me to the right direction! ( read: can you give me code )

    Thanks much again, your help greatly appreciated!

    The real map is the Apache documentation for .htaccess and regexp. I can’t write the code for you, it’s too specific to your situation and will take a fair amount of study and work.

    Start with or google on ‘htaccess regexp”

    You may also find the SEO ranking isn’t worth the learning effort.

    Thanks much for the reply!

    > The real map is the Apache documentation

    Guess I’m going to hire a programmer.

    > You may also find the SEO ranking isn’t worth the learning effort.

    Thank you for the advice! But I’m pretty good at SEO, no black hat though.

    Thanks again, wish you have a great one!

    .htaccess and it’s regexp can be a broadsword when a dagger is the better choice. I’m pretty broadsword on changing mine and very dagger like when changing a clients. Done wrong (as so many forum posts will attest to) it can ruin things in mysterious ways. I’d do the upper to lower mapping at the old site if I were you, if possible. That way you only have to pay for some magic once and it can and should die

    There may be other “special” character handling if you get outside the USASCII character set on either site. Or the Windows character sets.

    Depending on the content, the client’s love for their content, it’s can be better to change the source to be not cause WP problems. If it’s 50 permalinks at the old site you can edit those faster than answering this message.

    And the search bots will find the new site before any of the above.

    Hi ccoupe,

    Thanks much for trying to explain, but most part of your post above is beyond my head. LOL!

    I just found a easier way to do it, and try it with some pages to see if that affect SERs. I’ll report back in this thread in a few months how’s things going.

    Just for in case anybody interested… What I found is, WP does not care if I link to lower-case or upper-case html file.

    What I mean is, this link:


    and this:


    Goes to the same page.

    So I just make a template myself and manually put links there.

    Yeah, its better to change the core files to achieve what I want. I’m going talk to a programmer.

    Thank again ccoupe,

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