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  • I would like to set up a social network and/or bulletin board, but one with fine-grained gradations of membership, integer values from one up to somewhere in the hundreds.

    The core of how I would like membership to work is:

    1. Each user has a membership grade.
    2. When starting with a new discussion (not in replying), the user is able to set a minimum membership grade to see the discussion.
    3. This minimum membership grade may be anywhere from one up to the poster’s membership grade.
    4. Though “seeing” and “contributing” membership grades for a discussion may often be in tandem, they should be distinguished.
    5. The level of access for a given user and a given discussion will either be no access and not told something is there, or be able to see without contributing, or be able to both see and contribute (there is no /dev/null-style write-only functionality).

    Is there any straightforward way to do this with WordPress and extensions, including BuddyPress? I have been looking at rolling my own solution using Django because these grades seem to me to be a cross-cutting concern. But I wanted to ask here, and see if anybody can point me in the right direction on whichever platform (or offer a hack, etc.).

    Thank you,

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