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    The following content type is not available in the listing of content types in the wordpress admin: Virtual Tour (360).

    Is there some way I can manually install this content type on my WordPress 5.2 installation?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author icc0rz


    Hm, that’s a bit strange.

    What you can do is press the Reuse button in the lower left corner of the demo content and then choose the “Download as an .h5p file” button.
    Next, you upload this file while creating content or to the libraries page and if everything goes well the content type will be available the next time you try to create content.

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    Thanks @icc0rz so much for answering so promptly. I did what you suggested, uploading the .h5p file, and was unable to press the Create button because the validation failed with the following errors (in red):

    Validating h5p package failed.
    Missing required library H5P.GoToScene 0.1Get help
    Missing required library H5P.ThreeImage 0.2Get help
    Missing required library H5P.ThreeSixty 0.2Get help
    Missing required library H5P.ThreeJS 1.0Get help

    Where can I obtain these libraries, and, in which directory in the WordPress (5.2) installation should I place them?

    Thanks! Would love to get this working!

    Plugin Author icc0rz


    No worries.

    First, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the H5P plugin.

    Next, go into the H5P Content -> Libraries entry in the left menu. Here you’ll see a blue button that says Update under the Content Type Cache section, press this and wait. Once it’s updated head back to the Add New page and search for the Virtual Tour content type, it should appear now.

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    Worked like a charm!!! The thing was, only admin users see the Libraries option. Plus only admin users see the possibility of Get-ing and installing additional content types. I was working with a user with Editor role, and didn’t realize that the permissions should have been updated.

    I cleared the cache, as you said, and saw all possibilities, downloaded what I needed easily.

    Thanks again for such super fast attention.

    One question: I have a React 16.8 application and I wanted to know how to embed h5p videos content. I notice the embed code uses <iframe>, so I wanted to know if there existed a react-based player which would give me access to video events or play better.

    Thanks for everything!

    Plugin Author icc0rz


    Ah, I see.

    For the embed, there are no exposed events by default due to privacy concerns. However, if you have some programming knowledge you can add your own script to the H5P content and then do whatever you want with the internal events.

    The script would typically have to look something like this:

    H5P.instances[0].video.on('stateChange', e => console.log(;

    We have an example H5P mods plugin that shows you how to add your own scripts through a custom plugin.

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    Hi @icc0rz !! So if we want to use it from our react app as an embed iframe. We are not abel to know if someone complete the tour (4 example), we need to handle that from the wordpress where the tour was created?

    Plugin Author icc0rz


    @littiosin That is correct. By default, only “resize” events are posted from the iframe. However, the events are present internally so you would just have to add a script that re-triggers them for the iframe or your app.

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