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  • I’d like to include a site glossary that is key word rich. This will be both helpful to site visitors and good for increasing web traffic.

    I’ve searched and cannot find a plugin that accomplishes such a task. Does anyone have any helpful advice?


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  • There used to be a plugin called IMM-Glossary but looks like the development has stopped.
    It can not handle UTF-8, no text formatting nor links in Definitions and so on.

    I hope that someone forks this project, adds all the missing options and fixes the existing problems.

    WP-Snap plugin can be helpful

    Especially if you have made each Glossary word as an individual Post in the Glossary category, and the title of each post there is the “word” or term from your glossary. Then WP-Snap can make a nice index and show them all in alphabetical order, linking to each post / definition.

    WP-Snap is fine if you need just a listing but as I understand, it will not link the defined words in a post/page automagically to the deffinition page.

    Just in case you missed this release. Looks good from initial inspection.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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