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  • Hey,
    I am 16 and have been running my first WordPress blog since September 2011. My blogs main topics are : business, social media, making money , WordPress, blogging and technology. However i need to increase my traffic as i want to grow a community around my blog. I am looking your opinions on my blog and what i need to do to improve.
    my URL is

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  • Hello StartupToday,

    Its nice to hear at 16 you are in the mainstream of Internet today with WordPress.

    Overall Presentation : A dot com probably would be better for your target. Overall presentation is quite nice.

    My rating : 7 / 10

    Use of Colors and Graphics : Metro look. Is not it ?
    You are writing about business, social media, making money , WordPress, blogging, in my opinion, a neutral look might be better. Design matters and the web is towards more minimalistic yet elegant design. The contrasting colors of Metro UI might look nice to me, but not to all. However, the selection of font and font color is good in content area.

    My rating : 6 / 10

    Site Navigation, usage of WordPress Features : Your website is using HTML5 with responsive design. Usage of some great WordPress plugins is missing.

    My rating : 8 / 10

    Page Speed : Complete failure. The homepage is taking 24 seconds to load with some 404 errors :

    My rating : 1 / 10

    Validation : Has 10 errors ;

    Suggestions :

    1. Use WordPress Cache Plugin. Please read my old Site Review :

    and fix the 404 content errors. Use a better host and CDN.

    2. Think about own design. Logo needs improvement.

    3. Unfortunately the mixture of HTML5 and Transitional is pulling some errors, which might have serious effect in performance.

    4. Use asynchronous loading of AdSense Ads by using Double Click for Publishers – it will significantly increase the pagespeed.

    5. Rich Snippets, rel tags, authorship : Authorship markup is verified, however adding more data is suggested.

    6. You are using LiteSpeed Web Server software. LiteSpeed claims to be great over Apache, however the result for you is not quite nice.

    Thanks for your in depth advice 🙂
    i am going to work through each one of these within the next few days to get everything fixed up 🙂
    Thanks again

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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