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  • Hello,

    Right now my Google Adsense is reading my side navigation with links and everything. If there a plugin/hack to have it scan just the blogs / pages?

    Your assistance is appreciate.

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  • which theme are you using?

    it might make a difference, a good theme has the Content loading first (regardless where you see it on the page) and the Sidebar typically loading later.

    Check out the Google Sitemaps plugin (it will help), and some of the Meta-Description plugins.

    Finally, it might depend how long you’ve had your blog up and how often Google is indexing you. It might get better after Google recognizes your blog.

    Thanks for the reply. Im using fSpring by Fredrik Fahlstad.

    I would suggest that you make use of section targeting in order to tell Google AdSense to ignore certain aspects of your site.

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    phiali has the right answer. You need to add the start and end tags around the loop in index.php. This will make all your posts get included in what google sees.

    Normally this is enough, but if you want to have it truly ignore the sidebars as well (instead of only giving the posts preferential treatment), then you can add the ignore bits around the sidebar code.

    It’s a pretty simple modification to the theme. Also, wait at least 2 or 3 days before expecting to see results. And if you use a sitemaps plugin, regenerate the sitemap and have it ping google, to tell google to go reindex the pages.

    You’ve solved the problem for me, too, phiali and Otto42. Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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