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  • anique



    the question is simple… i want to run four blogs all with different topics… and i have got many authors who would be writing for me…

    but i want all authors to be given a choice to post in any of the blog they want…

    I would have only 1 domain name,… and there would be sub-categories of other blogs in it.. the other blogs would have there own theme and authors can write on any blog they want..

    so how can that be possible,,,

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  • anique


    Okay i have gone through some posts and turns out many people are stuck with this kind of problem…

    so i am thinking of doing this :

    make a static Homepage showing just links and description of the four blogs i am going to have… the home page will have no posts…
    all the other blogs would be a category of the main blog and so would have there own page..

    what i need to do now is give each category it’s own template …

    is that possible ??

    and rest of the pages like tags, authors and other pages can have the same theme as the home page…. and each category have it’s own theme…

    if it’s possible can any one please tell me how…
    any replies or suggestions would be highly appreciated…



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    i want to run four blogs all with different topics.

    You could use WordPress Multi-User instead of installing 4 single WP.

    what i need to do now is give each category it’s own template

    Whether you use WPMU or single WP, you can create category template for each category. (Although in WPMU, you can have totally different theme for each “category” or sub-blog)

    Then again, at this rate, you could start off with single WP install with multiple users and they could post to any of 4 or so categories. When you’re ready, you can export XML per author or per category and import to a WPMU installation.



    Thank you very much for replying..
    I have read a lot about WMPU

    but i think i am too afraid to use it…
    and i don’t know if it satisfies my needs… I don’t want my authors to start their own blog on my site i want them to write for me and on only those four categories i have mentioned…

    if i use WMPU can i have four blogs and like give my authors access to all four of them ??
    i mean can they from a single dashboard write to any or all of the blogs… or do they have to sign in to all the blogs individually and then write for that specific blog..




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    As Site Admin, you have full control and option to create blog for each user and set up what is role is – Admin, Editor, Author, etc. – and can prevent just anyone from signing up for a new blog in your site. Plus you can either limit one user to one subblog or allow one or all to be able to post in all subblogs

    Even if you set up a blog per user, you can set same e.g. 4 categories for each user and aggregate site-wide posts per category on the main blog/site. That way, each user can have some “privacy” in his/her own blog.

    Having said that, like I mentioned above, you can start off with a single WP install with multiple users, check out WPMU in test install, and when you’re ready or if you even want to, you can transform your single WP to a WPMU install.

    Hi pals,
    I successFully install WordPress MU in my localhost system. Friends,I need to give Each Blog to Different Theme. If I have 10 blogs there,
    I need to give 10 different themes for same. Is that Possible in WordPress MU … I am still searching a solution , on that time I found a plugin named “Theme options”. Is that enough for same, I need to workout
    and I have another doubt also regarding installation of this Plugin.
    i can View two folders mu-plugin and plugin. In which folder i place the
    plugin files…. Please Give A solution as Early as Possible….

    You can contact me : also…

    With Great Regards
    Anes P.A


    You could use WPmu, but it is incompatible with a lot of WP plugins. If I was you I would look to:

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