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  • I want to style the more link so that it will align right. The problem is that by calling it with the the_content tag doesn’t give me enough options. I’d kind of like to put it inside of a div, but obviously can’t put the div code into the the_content tag because that would cause the div to be inside of an anchor.


    My real question is, which file is the code that generates the More text kept?

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  • There are all kind of tricks here:
    Maybe you find a working solution for you.

    Well… it didn’t tell me how to do what I was thinking I wanted to do, but made me realize that I was really over thinking the situation.

    It’s weird I had read it before, but I was totally involved in trying to find the answer to do something fairly obscure that i didn’t realize that I really didn’t need to do it at all 🙂


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