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  • Hi, folks. I’m trying to use a dollar sign in a post headline (as in “the $5,000 hyperlocal design,” but the dollar sign isn’t showing.

    I know its use is reserved as a wildcard call. I suspect there’s some text string I can insert to get the HTML to cough it out properly. And I’ve got no idea what that string might be.

    Any help? Thanks!

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  • I just created a post with that headline and it displays fine in the latest version of Firefox.

    Remove the spaces from this & # 0 3 6 ; and you have the HTML coding for a dollar sign. And, much to my surprise, coding it in a Post Headline actually works!

    In the past, I have seen problems displaying dollar signs that are caused by character set/locale/language settings in either the software (WordPress) or the browser. As the dollar sign is not a standard character even in England.

    Thanks, Adiant – I think I have it isolated to an issue with my theme. It’s showing up just fine with one theme activated, but bonking in my preferred theme. I’ll check with the theme author.

    Thanks for the quick help.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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