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  • Hi all.
    I’m using wp 2.9.2.

    A priority for me is to produce validating code from whatever cms I use.

    I made an attempt at validating a comment page from the default installation of wp. Validation failed based on the an underscore being used as a prefix to an ID string.

    Here is the offending element definition:

    input type=”hidden” id=”_wp_unfiltered_html_comment” name=”_wp_unfiltered_html_comment” value=”13f0ff2fd3″>

    I know that this might seem like nitpicking, but I’m sure we basically all agree that validation is a good thing, right?

    Can an entire wordpress installation be made to validate without hacking core code ?

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  • No worries, that field only appears if visitor is logged in. For anonymous or non-logged in visitor, that hidden field doesn’t appear.

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