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    Hi – I love Optimole but am having a challenge with it. It seems that when I update images on my server, the Optimole CDN isn’t loading the new images. As a result, updated Alt tags aren’t used and images I’ve downsized are in some cases displayed at their full size — I assume it’s an older version of the images.

    Is there a way I can get the CDN to reload the images from my server? Also, I’ve cleared all caches on my site, so I know that that’s not the problem.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I’m happy to hear that you like Optimole. For now, we don’t have a certain way of handling those cases, i.e purge cache for a specific filename.

    Right now we are working on such a feature, but it’s still in active development.

    The only way of replacing an image is to upload it under a different name.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for your response. Is it not possible to replace ALL of the images? I have modified alt tags for several hundred images so changing the image names for each would be quite time consuming.

    Would deregistering my site from optimole and then registering it force the reload?

    I also don’t want to change all of the image names as that would impact my SEO.

    Hello @rudijh,

    No, it won’t do it, unfortunately.

    I can do it once if is absolutely necessary, you can get in touch with me on

    Right now the only way of changing it invalidate the image is to also change the filename.

    I hope this helps.

    Hello @themeisle I’m waiting for this feature too. On a website I maintain there are several authors writing articles (posts) and I need this option so I can be able to correct pictures metadata in those cases the authors forget or mistype. This really is an essential feature.



    Would like to see this feature too.

    I was just wondering why my updated images didn’t show up correctly and found this topic.

    The ability of refreshing Optimole’s “cache” for each site would indeed be a great addition.

    Any update on this feature?

    Plugin Author optimole


    Hello guys,

    We are actively working on this feature and will be rolling out the components that enable this to work in phases.

    The first phase has recently been completed and we are aiming to fully enable this functionality by the end of this year.

    Will let you know when this is ready.

    same problem here. really needing this!

    Hi all, also for me this is an essential and very important feature. Many thanks that you are are developing it now! Cheers wombi

    Same here…would REALLY appreciate this feature.

    Absolutely agree. Any update from dev?

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