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  • I am currently running my old blog at until my new blog in my own domain becomes established. It has been several weeks now, and my new blog still does not show up in Google. Pingomatic is activated. I have claimed the blog in Technorati. I would like to move off the free blog, but I get very few hits in my new blog as long as Google doesn’t know I am there.

    Adide from my new posts of the last week or so, both blogs are identical back to mid-February.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Change your profile address here and everywhere else you are registered – that wil help 🙂

    Google takes a while to take note of new sites. In fact, longer than just about any other search engine. You’re going to pretty much have to patiently, and dilligently, do some SEO and Internet Marketing work on the site if you’re that desperate to get it in there quickly.

    The first thing to do would be to get some links to it off some other relevant and related sites that have already been spidered in Google… as podz said, this forum (and your profiles here and anywhere else) would be a good one to start with, but by no means the end to any means. And while technorati and pingomatic is good, I don’t think that the big “G” relies too heavily on things like that yet… and I’m sure that they won’t rank your site just for having links on a few blog communities. It takes a lot more than a technorati link or a blogex link to get you ranked in google… sorry.

    Also, check your rankings in Yahoo and MSN – contrary to popular belief, Google isn’t the only search engine, and when trying to market your site, should not be the only ruler to measure your success by. There ARE people who don’t use it at all, believe it or not! 😉

    Sorry to run off at the mouth here, but being an SEO/Internet Marketing specialist, that tends to happen when people ask about stuff like this… lol



    riverwriter: have you checked your webserver’s log files? maybe you find any hints there.

    Thanks for some excellent tips. I have followed up on all of them, and will exercise patience — one of the virtues I have a lot of, except it is fairly short! (Does that make it fat?)

    I tried yahoo search and I found my blog posts but not in google…

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Set up a Google Sitemaps account, and install a Sitemaps plugin into your blog. This will let your blog not only tell Google about all your blog’s pages, but also ping Google every time you make a post.

    Having a Google Sitemaps account also lets you see what problems the GoogleBot has encountered when crawling your site.

    I did a few tests with wierd words and missspelled words with in my content on a site i have…usualy took an extra 2-3 weeks for google ta show the results, but the site needs to be submitted to the search engines to give it a nice head start.

    Also..the popularity of your content could make the proccess take alot longer or alot shorter depending. There are too many veriables to truly figure it for ya.

    the having backlinks to your site helps..ya dont need too many, just a few then the search engine indexers will crawl through tose links and find your stuff.

    depending on how well youve optimized your text on the topic that your covering it could take 3 weeks or it could take 3 years to get top page in google.

    just do your best and words that you think people will use to search and find your site….try getting them into your text in a high BUT ETHICAL amount 😉

    I’m new to blogging and loving it. I’m glad I found this thread, b/c I want my blog to show up on Google. I’m using a free Yahoo service called yahoo 360. I’ve claimed my blog on technorati and, plus i’ve set up a google sitemats account.

    But I have no idea how to do things like “install a Sitemaps plugin into your blog,” or anything about servers/hosts, b/c I’m just freeloading on this yahoo 360 service.

    Can anyone help me? Is this yahoo 360 service a really bad way to blog? if yes, what are some better ways to get one going? Also, a lot of my friends already know my URL. If I move, I don’t want to lose the small audience I’ve already got.

    Thanks, Scott

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