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  • Hi,

    I run All in One SEO Pack on a couple of websites but I am having trouble with how it doesn’t work on one site.

    On the add post page there is default text filled in the All in One SEO Pack section. When I go to update a post that default text appears back in the All in One SEO Pack section. The default text is the text I put in for a post that I did and after that it has always been there.

    On the page that lists all posts there are not any of the usual headings that happen when it is installed properly. I have checked in screen options and there are none there that related to All in One SEO Pack

    I have de-activated and activated it – the default data comes back

    I have uninstalled and then installed it – the default data comes back

    I have even used another SEO plugin that will pull the data out of the All in One SEO Pack plugin and get told “No data”

    I have had a nosey in the actual database through phpMyAdmin to see if there is a table somewhere that needed to be deleted to clean all of that out to get it to work properly.

    So there must be a key or something somewhere in the database that I need to remove so that I can install it again as if it is the first time.

    Could someone kindly tell me what to remove to get it completely out of the site so I can put it back in again as it should be?
    Thank you for your time 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Michael Torbert


    I’m not sure what default text you’re referring to. Can you post a screenshot?

    Thank you for your reply 🙂

    this is a screenshot taken from when I clicked the Add POST – I have not filled out anything on that page, just scrolled down and there it is!

    That also appears on any post that I click to edit!


    this shot is the top of my all posts section with the screen options showing as there is nothing there for SEO like on other sites I run
    Screenshot 2

    And finally the screenshot that the plugin is activated!
    Screenshot 3

    It is also configured on the options page 🙂

    Any advise will be GREATLY appreciated 😀

    Thank you for your time!

    can anyone tell me the name of the keys in the wp_options table that are added when this plugin is installed – I need to be able to do a clean install!

    aioseop_options is the key – deactivating the plugin then removing that key directly from the database has half fixed it – I can now see the headings on the post page, but it is still putting in default text.

    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


    I have a few questions.

    1) Is this “default text” appearing on all posts or just one or some?
    2) Does it appear if you create a new post?
    3) Does it behave this way for pages as well?

    thank you – here are the answers to your questions:

    1. it appears on any post page when I go to edit but because I can now see from All Posts page what is in the SEO I have now made sure that they are changed. So I can change them and update and that works but when the page reloads the default text returns and as long as I do not click the update again it will stay as I had put it in before

    2. Yes – the create a new post page will be blank except for that part

    3. that was a good question – I have checked and yes it is there as well.

    Dear All

    i was just holding mouse on the ALL IN ONE SEO PACK setting title bar (for/on individual pages) and dragged accidently somewhere and it gone. Now this individual page setting is not showing up any where.

    I have deactivated plugin many times with deletion of data files by uninstalling fully ALL IN ONE SEO on my site GUNNAKALAN.COM but unable to recover individual page settings for pages.

    Plz. help me that i will recover individual page setting window for individual pages.

    Imtiaz Ahmed

    i am using wordpress

    After deactivating and deleting the All in One SEO plugin on a website, I spent the evening troubleshooting why the All in One SEO settings weren’t deleted on my website.

    It seems the plugin doesn’t clean up the entries in the database tables, and page title and meta description from All in One SEO remained on pages.

    I discovered the following steps needed to be taken:

    1. Backup your database, in case you need to restore the database
    2. Search for ‘%_aioseop%’ in your wp_options and wp_postmeta tables -> use phpMyAdmin
    3. Remove ‘%_aioseop%’ entries in the wp_options table (you can use the Clean Options plugin to remove entries, but review carefully)
    4. Remove ‘%_aioseop%’ entries in the wp_postmeta table

    thank you redrew for that – I will try that and hopefully it will work 😀

    redrew – You are BRILLIANT!!!!!

    That solved it perfectly for me so I can post etc without having to always remember to change the SEO pack again 😀


    @ahau Glad it helped resolved the issue on your site.

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