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  • I have many problems with Polylang which I’ve been using for my multilanguage website:, so I have to ditch that plugin and find a new one.. This seems to be a MAJOR challenge and I’m not a developer, so I’m having a very hard time with this issue…

    I also have LayerSlider which apparently only works with qTranslate and WPML.

    qTranslate, however, is not compatible with the latest version of WP, so someone recommended mqTranslate.

    I have a few questions:
    1) Is mqtranslate or WPML easily installable and manageable if I already have an existing site that was managed with polylang?

    2) If not, how do I go about changing the plugin without having to completely redo my website? I fear the worst…

    2) Does mqTranslate support LayerSlider (or vice versa)?

    4) Should I even bother with these free plugins or dig deep into my pocket to get wpml?

    Thanks for your help.

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    1) 2) mqTranslate does not include a built-in conversion process for Polylang. I don’t even know if both plugins can safely run at the same time. It may exists conversion scripts, but I don’t know any.

    3) mqTranslate has not been tested with LayerSlider

    4) It is up to you. I do my best to provide the best support I can for mqTranslate.

    Be careful before going to WPML: you have to verify that your theme is compatible (, and not rely on the theme author!
    Its author told me it was -Bangkok press (Theme layers)- although it was not: I bought the package, tried to go around the many disasters with the support of WPML, and finally, after the trial period was over, decided to drop the thing!
    Of course, they never asked me at first if I had checked about the compatibility…
    Hope you found a way. I am currently trying mqtranslate which looks pretty good. My last problem relying on the switcher (on the top menu / layer and showing only the other available language)

    Yeah, I know… Unfortunately my theme was not on their list, but didn’t know how to check other than looking on that compatibility list. I just bit the bullet and tried…

    I have one issue I haven’t solved yet, the flags do not appear on the menu on mobile devices, but each page says ‘this page is translated in German’ on the bottom with the link, but still, it should be in the menu, so I have to figure that out. Not sure if that has to do with the theme or not…

    I have one other issue that I can perhaps live with, the ending on the url is now ?lang=de which just looks plain stupid.

    Language is so complicated… It shouldn’t be, but it is…


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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