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    Our client has a need for 13 identical sites for their network of companies. In addition to needing duplicate sites, these need to be unique domains, not subdomains, so we plan on using the domain mapping plugin.

    We have created the first test site using a subdomain, everything is perfect and ready to go. At this point, I have 2 questions on how to proceed correctly:

    1) How do we transfer the entire test site from the subdomain to the real domain? The domains we will be putting the live sites on are already live so we need minimal downtime.

    2) How do I duplicate the entire site (we don’t need posts transferred, but we need all pages, plugins, custom theme menu, and database info duplicated).

    We do not typically work in Multisite so I am unsure about the correct course of action to take.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • When I move sites i typically export the database to a sql file, then search and replace for the updated domain. Then you move the files over to the correct domain. Finally update the wp-config to reflect the correct domain. Then of course if your domains are pointed to the cname of the subdomain then you will need to update them as well. There should be much downtime aside from moving the files and exporting and import the sql file.

    You can’t do what you;re trying to do.

    If you’re creating a new site as a subsite then domain mapping it, you do not transfer *anything*. Once you domain map, the client site now lives on *your* server in *your* install.

    If you’re developing the client site in a network, then trying to move it to their live install that is in a separate db on a different server.. it’s tricky.

    If you are planning on hosting all the domains in one network (which is what I’d do, then you’re doing it backwards. you need to import their live site into your db, add your changes, then domain map so the site is now live on *your* install/network.

    I think I worded my questions incorrectly. You’re right, we aren’t transferring anything, we are building the sites on the new database, just not on the correct domains. We can’t work on their domains because their current sites are live and need to stay uninterrupted during development.

    All of the sites will be on 3 multisite installs. The comapny is managed by 3 different partners who are managing their sites on their own servers. So we will have 6 on one install, 3-4 on another and another 3-4 on yet another install, yet they will all be the same site, just different content.

    The reason we need to build the sites on the test subdomains before we put them on the live domains (and point those domains to the new host account) is because the sites are news sites that need all the content in place.

    So our process is: create subdomain on the new hosting account with the multisite install; add all content; when we’re ready to make the new content live on their domain, domain map the site and activate the new theme with all the plugin info; voila, new site!

    Will it work that way? Is there nothing special that needs to be done?

    Sorry if I’m making this sound far more confusing than it needs to be, but I really am not super familiar with Multisite and just want to make sure I’m doing all of this the right way.

    Thanks! And Andrea, you have always been a great help to me on these forums, so a double thanks to you 🙂

    Will it work that way? Is there nothing special that needs to be done?

    Yeah that’s it. 🙂 Really.

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