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    Hi! I’m in a hurry with this situation. I have to redesign one wordpress site where the owners are not willing to give access to the FTP. That said, I need to reinstall several plugins and extract other paid plugins for this people without having to delete anyone, because the owners are not sure if they have backups of these paid plugins.

    So, is there any way to backup only a couple of plugin folders without having access to FTP?


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Then why don’t they just backup their own… oh, never mind, I see what you’re dealing with. My condolences.

    You could write a PHP script using scandir() and copy(). The link’s comments section also has suggestions using exec() or shell_exec(). But these and even copy() are often blocked for security reasons. One comment offers a workaround using file_get_contents() and fopen() etc.

    Hi! The solutions you mention aren’t viable since the server php config has blocked the access to those functions for security reasons.

    Instead, I’ve already found a solution. Two solutions to be exact:

    1. Using the old, yet excelent and still compatible, plugin by Daniel Huesken: the filebrowser. It allows you to zip one given folder and then download it.

    2. Using another good plugin formerly created by Daniel Huesken too. BackWPup plugin can do a backup of files and send it by mail. It has filters to exclude the folders you don’t want to be in the zip file. Voila!

    Perhaps this thread may help others in similar situations 😉
    Best regards

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