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  • For a long time I never upgraded my WordPress blog. Then a couple of themes I wanted to try forced me to do so. Since that day visual editing and post viewing have been busted beyond recognition. Text justification hasn’t worked through many updates and formatting is mostly a joke. How does one downgrade a couple of years worth of WordPress updates to get back to an actual working version. I will stick with the themes that only worked with that version. I’m tired of having my posts look like trash. No, I don’t want to hack raw html. If there is a visual editor it should actually work. I even tried using the off-line Blogilo thing today and ALL of the post formatting got stripped via the remote post engine.

    I would really like to get back to the version where the OpenOffice plug-in worked. You could edit your post in OO and send it via the plug-in then view it in the blog to see it exactly the same. That hasn’t worked in years but it was flawless as long as you stuck with the supported version of WordPress. That’s what I want to get back to, a WordPress that worked no matter how many features people thought it lacked.

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