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  • Hello everyone,
    I want to display RSS feeds from other sites in my blog, like yahoo news etc and wonder somebody explain to me how to do it?
    I don’t know much about tech, so I have to ask stupid questions, but is this WordPress blog software has this function? – it seems to me it does not – Or do I have to use some other program to display RSS feeds?

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  • It can be done – it’s in the wiki, which I can’t get to right now to find the link.

    podz, you have given this link before:

    Beel – I paste so many links 🙂

    Well, another link you have posted (and cg-feedread is the one I use) is:

    I’ve not seen why I’d want one of these (which is why I don’t have the links at hand) … the Reader Panel in Ffox works for me ……. any reason why they are useful ?
    Go on – convince me 🙂

    umm… no. I like mudbugs, too, but I don’t feel the need to convince you to try ’em, either. 🙂 back at ya’!

    mudbug ?
    I could guess at what that may be ……hmm.

    opera has me owned…

    First, if you run a site, you can deliver news feeds of topics your READERS might like to see, either inline or in a sidebar/menu.
    Second, if you run a site and have feeds you’d like to see, it’s really easy to drop in, and visible from any browser anywhere. Though, not meant to be a blog-reader by any means!
    Really meant for ‘aggregating’ news feeds into your side. Check out the top-right of CHAITGEAR, where I have the cnet personal tech and The Register feeds, as they typically have interested newsbits that I don’t necessarily pick up or duplicate.

    Thanks a lot everyone!
    I downloaded and installed FOF, I always having difficulty to understand what you guys Geeky Geeks talking about – not only because I don’t understand English well, but I do not know much about tech. But FOF was easy to install.
    I work for non-profit org and I don’t know if they want to use this module or not, but it really great script!
    Thanks much again to All! You guys are very helpful!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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