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    I have mobile users logging into the back-end of a site to change statuses/fields in a blog post. In the dashboard for each post there is a unique Google Map that pertains to that specific blog. When my end users scroll down through the dashboard on their iPhones for a particular post to make changes, they get to the embedded Google Map and have problems scrolling because the maps scrolls. Is there a way I can disable the maps scrolling/zooming so they can continue scrolling down through the blogs dashboard?


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  • Plugin Author Petteri Kivimäki


    It’s possible to disable scroll on the map. This can be implemented using CSS and jQuery. Please see a simple example below.

    Wrap the {google_map} tags with a class (.maps in this example). Change the CSS of the iframe to pointer-events: none and then using jQuery’s click function to the parent element you can change the iframe’s CSS to pointer-events:auto.

    Embedding the map:

    <div class='maps'>


    .maps iframe{
        pointer-events: none;


    $('.maps').click(function () {
        $('.maps iframe').css("pointer-events", "auto");
    $( ".maps" ).mouseleave(function() {
      $('.maps iframe').css("pointer-events", "none");

    Best regards,

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