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  • I have a problem when posting posts with YouTube videos or Stage6/DivX videos, and generally all other video hosting services that has that feature. It works when I post the post or page with the video, but the problem shows when I edit the post, and save it.

    You can see how it looks like, when it looks wrong here:

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  • This happens when I go back into editing the post or page, cause WordPress remakes the posts and pages somehow, and it makes it into something it should be, so it messes up..

    I had this problem for a while with a lot of things getting shifted in the html… And it was all solved when I switched to a different theme. (Don’t know why, really, but someone suggested that it would work, and it did, so I thought I’d pass it on…)

    I tried to change themes twice, it didn’t work. I just need to know how to disable this reforming! There must be someone that knows how to do this!

    Hello guys,

    I have exactly the same problem. At the moment the only way to solve it is to re-introduce the code for the add-ons every time I want to edit a post, which is really annoying!! It also happens with google ads.

    Let´s hope someone comes up with a solution ! 🙂

    [sig moderated]

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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