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  • Sorry, I don’t quite follow. What do you mean by ‘delete archives’? Please be more specific.

    Are you trying to disable access to archives? Hide them? Delete old posts? You can never properly remove archives unless you erase old posts. URI hacking would get visitors to the pages, shall they become curious.

    sorry it took so long before i replied.

    i want to delete old posts…there are so many i want to delete, and i’ll do it if i can delete archives/posts per month. but i don’t know how, please help?

    In that WordPress ‘black box’ (meaning no lower-level tinkering) I believe the most efficient way would be to go one-by-one, i.e. post-by-post. You then need to delete each one of them. Opening many posts in separate tabs would make the job more productive, I suppose.

    If you want to keep them archived for yourself, consider making them drafts rtaher than deleting. This might mess up (add clutter to) your dahsboard though.

    Post them, just as “private”, rather than a draft.

    *sigh* i thought there’s an easy way out of this. hmmm…thanks for the responses! tho im still hoping there’s an easier way to delete posts at the same time 😀

    It would be great to have some “deep” admin tools not just to delete old post but to do other administrative functions like search code, find & replace within code and/or text, global editing, moving posts and pages and stuff like that.

    it’s me again…is it safe to delete posts from phpmyadmin? hmmm



    Just a bump for this question, I too need a quick and easy way to delete old post, I run a blog aggregator using FeedWordpress. Over the three months I have accumulated over 7000 posts, I am sure no one is bothered to read a four month old post on an aggregator, so personally I want to keep my database small and efficient and NOT a big fat cow.

    I can go to each post and delete individually, but this will be a nightmare, can I delete posts from the SQL Database? The risk on physically deleting from the SQL database which I see evidently that one might also delete PAGES if not careful.

    Thank you all in advance

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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