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    Hi Justin! All continues to work perfectly with COOKED, but I just have a stray question:

    As it is now, it seems when I publish a new recipe, it appears on my Browse Recipes page all right, but…

    It’s doesn’t appear at a new post in my regular blog theme.

    I tried adding all the short codes to a regular blog post, but…

    It appears that the short codes for cooked-info and (surprisingly) the cooked-timer work when embedded in a regular blog post, but not the cooked-ingredients, the cooked-directions or the cooked-gallery short codes.

    As it is, it seems I have to create a regular blog post with a link within the post to the published recipe.

    Am I missing something? Or is there any way that I can somehow have my published recipes appear as new posts in my regular blog?

    Perhaps this sort of thing is what you mean by “Embeddable recipes” that will be included in the new COOKED Pro?

    Or is there some way to accomplish this in the meantime?

    Thanks again for your prompt help,


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    You’ll enjoy this…

    There’s a shortcode for embedding the entire recipe (as built on the recipe template) into any post or page. Just use the following shortcode:

    [cooked-recipe id="123"]

    Replace “123” with your recipe’s post id, which right now can only be found easily by editing a recipe, and then looking in the URL string to find the post id.

    In the next update, I’ll be adding a much easier way to grab this shortcode, customized for each recipe right in the first tab of the editor screen.

    Woo-HOOO! You’re right – I L.O.V.E. it! Will give it a go, and report back.


    Yesireee – works like a charm – thanks!

    Only thing is… Looks like I need to create the recipe as I want it to appear, and then PUBLISH it(???), then create a bare-bones post (with the same featured image as in the recipe page) and peck just the recipe id short code in the post. Then publish the post and it will post to my ongoing blog chronology (as well as go out to my email list as all my other TravelnLass posts do).

    Only remaining question: So that will effectively create DUPLICATE CONTENT on my site – do you think that will be a problem for SEO/Google?

    Update: Rats! Though I can get the recipe id just by previewing a DRAFT recipe, unfortunately I can’t use a draft recipe id in a post – IOW, I thought maybe I could avoid the content duplication problem by not actually *publishing* the recipe version. But nope, apparently the only way the recipe id shortcode works in a post is if the recipe is *published*.

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    @travelnlass: This was something I took care of as well recently. If you go to the Recipes > Settings panel, near the bottom under the “Advanced” section you will see an option to “Disable Public Recipes”. Check that and voila! No more duplicate content. 😉

    Disable Public Recipes

    That’s GREAT, Justin! I saw that toggle but didn’t know what it did.

    So… if I enable it – which version of the recipe will disappear – the published “recipe” post? Or the recipe id short code post on my blog?””

    IOW – which is considered the “Public” recipe?

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    The published “recipe” post will be hidden, so you can use the [cooked-recipe] shortcode to display any recipes, without the fear of duplicate content. 😉

    Thanks for the swift reply, Justin. Ah, so… then I guess I shouldn’t even have my current “Browse Recipes” page? I mean, if I want my recipes to all be via the recipe id short code in a blog post, then if I disable Public recipes – there won’t be any on that browse-recipes page, right?

    Hmmm… I kinda like having that page with the nifty search functions and all the pretty recipe pics/synopsis, so maybe… I’ll not use the disable Public recipes after all. Maybe better – to create and publish a recipe, and then create a short into post for the blog with link to the recipe.

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