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    As title says, how can I copy exact theme of given website?

    It looks so lovely (especially sidebar widgets) and it will fit for my website.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.
    Any software to create theme just like this?
    I can even pay (a little) for this.

    PS: I am newbie and just moved from blogspot and WP language is looking weird and to me.

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  • That’s a custom theme – and is no doubt copyrighted. I’d suggest looking here and then modifying a theme to fit your preferences:

    This one has some similarities:

    If you want to hire someone, you can post a job listing here:


    Thank you for mantra theme
    I install this plugin and here is now link of my website.
    I have added few test posts and other contents.

    Now I wants some other modifications:

    1. How can I move footer of post below text part or post body part (as it is just below title) ?

    2. How can I make sidebar separator a straight line? (as it is dotted and almost invisible)

    3. I wants to make widgent boxes rounded and closed just like in How can I do this and if possible, how can I change color of every widget box just like css3?

    4. Titles of widgets are aligned in right, how can I center them?

    5. I wants to remove those HOME, HELLO, SAMPLE PAGE which are above both sidebar and post content. How can I do this?

    6. Here is the link of my blogspot blog
    I wants almost same plugin for POPULAR POSTS and BLOG ARCHIVE. I searched but cant find suitable plugin. Can you find these two plugins for me?

    7. In browser’s title bar it is showing – HOT MUG but I wants to show it HOT MUG so if someone opens any page it shows HOT MUG – HELLO(as HELLO is title of post). How can I do this?

    I know it is a long task, but I am complete noob into this. Please post css scripts with instruction to where to post them and how to insert code?

    I will be thankful to you.


    Before you make any changes, you will need to create a Child Theme – that way your changes won’t be lost when the theme is updated –

    Then also download and install Firebug – browser tool for Firefox browser which is indispensable for CSS work.

    You’ll need to learn some CSS if you want to make changes to your site – we can give some help, but we don’t do a lot of custom CSS work on these forums. This are good CSS sites:

    You can search for plugins here:
    (I’m not sure what you are looking for) – do look at the number of downloads and make sure the plugin is compatible with current WP3.5+ .

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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