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    The plugin does not change URLs to images, so when looking at the source of the website, you will see the URLs for the default images all the time. The plugin creates redirections to output files in WebP and AVIF format, changing the MIME type of these images, but without changing the URL.

    How to check if the plugin works properly? It is very simple. To do this, use a tool called Dev Tools in your web browser.

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Launch Dev Tools on your website.
    2. Go to “Network” tab and activate filtering for “Img” (Images).
    3. Refresh your website.
    4. Check list of loaded images. Note “Type” column. Instead of the original MIME type for an image it will be WebP or AVIF.

    To see what to look for in Dev Tools, see our manual.

    Additionally, you can check the weight of your website when the plugin is active and all images have been converted and after the plugin has been temporarily deactivated. The difference should be very clear!

    How the plugin works for non-advanced users can be less understandable, but everything is fine. As a result, whether your browser supports WebP and AVIF or not, everything works without problems.

    Remember that only files from directories selected in plugin settings are supported. If images from other domains are loaded on your website, they will not be supported by the plugin.

    Why are some images not in WebP or AVIF?

    If the converted image in WebP or AVIF format is larger than the original, the browser will use the original file. This converted file will be deleted. Therefore, you can also see files other than WebP and AVIF on the list. When this happens, you will be informed during the image conversion process.

    If you want to force the use of WebP and AVIF files, uncheck “Automatic removal of files in output formats larger than original” option in the plugin settings. Then click on “Regenerate All” button to convert all images again.

    The above solution works only if you select the image loading mode via .htaccess. This mode is recommended. If you have problems related to a server configuration error, please see this thread.

    Thank you for your time.

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