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    Hello, i use the dkret3 theme, but would love to change the light green color. Can anyone provide some advice? I have checked the style sheet, but can’t find the color code corresponding to that green. In the dkret3 official forum, the author suggests a firebug, but I’m quite “illiterate” in html and programming. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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    ‘firebug’ is the developer addon for firefox. it allows you with a click of your mouse to see quite a lot of the structure and code of the webpage in the browser, also the styles of the page elements.

    you will get help easier in this forum if you post a link to your blog.

    thanks! yes, forgot to put it



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    part of it is an background image:

    and the corresponding color is: #d8fbd8.

    so you need two steps:
    first change the graphic to a new color with gradient;
    second: replace all the #d8fbd8 in the style sheet with the color code of the bottom-edge color of your new graphic.

    Alchymyth, many thanks for your answer. It has also helped us understand better how the html works, and we are now trying to make some other changes. Once again, many thanks, you have been very helpful




    Be sure you make a new schemes css file. Make the changes to that, not the source style sheet.

    Schemes are CSS files that allow you to visually customize your blog, without ever touching the themes core files.
    Read the documentation for further information.

    If not you will need to make these changes again each time you upgrade!

    Although it is for an older version, Jorn has a great video on how to make these changes. it is also in the documentation.

    We have been able to make WP sites match old HTML Static sites with this great feature and the flexable dKret3 theme!



    And I suggest writing your own CHILD THEME. It is really easy and you can safely update to future versions of dkret3. Have a look at the readme.html inside the dkret3 folder.

    I am back from vacation and you are welcome to post at the official forum.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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