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  • I want all the links to stay the same color but I want to change the link color on the home page for authors only. How can I do this?

    Heres a link of what I am talking about –

    I want authors name to be grey like rest of the info.

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  • try to use a tool such as Firefox’ add-on Firebug for this kind of problem, to investigate the css selectors of the element in question.

    I tried that but it changes all link colors. How can I change only author link color?

    if the ‘author’ link does not have a unique css selector, or is the only link within a unique css class section, you can’t.

    without a live link to the problem, nobody will be able to comment any further.

    basic formatting help is generally not within the main scope of this WordPress forum.

    No way to hardcode that particular link to change color?

    I am using this <?php the_author_posts_link() ?>
    If i ad the <u> tags it does underline. But cant seem to get it to change color.

    Here is the link sorry bout that –

    added to custom.css of your theme:

    .meta a { color: #979da1; }

    might work without interfering anywhere else on your site (untested)

    Where do i add that? custom.css?

    yes, I just edited my reply – your theme seems to expect custom css in this particular file.

    and do clear the browser cache if you can’t see the effect immediately – ‘CTRL F5’ or ‘reload’

    I just tried that on custom.css. Seem to work great! Thanks. Is that only change author links? I noticed others stayed blue. So looks good!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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