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    I’m trying to translate the names of bosses into Russian.
    But I can not find anywhere where this can be done.
    Could you tell me in which file I can make changes to the plugin output information, for example, in Russian.

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author martinek


    If you go through files of plugin, there is file called raids.json. Names of bosses and raids are in there.

    You can copy the file to your theme directory <theme directory>/wow-progress/raids.json, so you don’t lose your translations when plugin updates. You will have to update file manually when new raids come out though.

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    Thank you very much for the prompt and understandable answer!

    I found this file in a folder on the web server.

    When I try to edit the names of bosses and when at least one Russian character appears in the boss name, the plugin stops displaying correctly in the menu and all the part to which I made the changes simply disappears. For example, I tried to enter in the names of the boss unsuitable symbols, for example, numbers.

    So it still works.
    I understand that the problem is in the encoding?

    1) File Without changes –,10478049/without_changes.png/
    2) I added a number one, just to see if there will be changes or not –,20493241/with_changes.png/
    Admin panel too –,23847305/with_changes_adminpanel.png/
    3)Start editing and writing Russian names –,43382629/Start_editing_and_writing_Russian_names.png/
    4)…. and pluguin disappears –,21396767/…._and_pluguin_disappers.png/

    And in adminpanel too –,41607092/…._and_in_adminpanel_too.png/

    What could be the problem ?

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    Plugin Author martinek


    I have not tried different encodings. Could you write me some names here so I can try it out?

    Problem could also be in editor. Notepad is not very good when it comes to editing code.

    Of course :

            "achievement" : 10868,
            "background" : "nh",
            "bosses" : [
                "Скорпирон",// Skorpyron
                "Хрономатическая аномалия",// Chronomatic Anomaly
                "Триллиакс",// Trilliax
                "Крос", // Krosus
                "Звездный авгур Этрей", //Star Augur Etraeus
                "Заклинательница клинков Алуриэль", // Spellblade Aluriel
                "Верховный ботаник Тел'арн", // High Botanist Tel'arn
                "Тихондрий", // Tichondrius
                "Великий магистр Элисанда", // Grand Magistrix Elisande
                "Гул'дан" // Gul'dan
            "exp" : "legion",
            "name" : "Цитадель Ночи", // Nighthold
            "tag" : "nh"
            "achievement" : 11403,
            "background" : "tov",
            "bosses" : [
                "Один", // Odyn
                "Гарм", // Guarm
                "Хелия" // Helya
            "exp" : "legion",
            "name" : "Испытание доблести", // Trial of Valor
            "tag" : "tov"
            "achievement" : 10866,
            "background" : "en",
            "bosses" : [
                "Низендра", // Nythendra
                "Ил'гинот, Сердце Порчи", // Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
                "Элерет Дикая Лань", // Elerethe Renferal
                "Урсок", // Ursoc
                "Драконы Кошмара", // Dragons of Nightmare
                "Кенарий", // Cenarius
                "Ксавий" // Xavius
            "exp" : "legion",
            "name" : "Изумрудный Кошмар", // Emerald Nightmare
            "tag" : "en"

    All text that you save in this file must be in the encoding of UFT-8. The notepad, by default, saves the text in the WindoWS-1251 encoding. As well as the WordPad. I used Notepad ++. And everything became correct to be displayed.

    Plugin Author martinek


    Glad to hear that.

    I have looked at some sources where I could get translations for boss names. They are also in official blizzard API. I don’t have time right now to do this, but I have added the translations to my TODO list for future version.

    If you are interesting I can help translate this file.

    Plugin Author martinek


    Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I’ll let you know when I get to translating.

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