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    Hello. Please help with a solution to this problem.
    When I go to the main news page, I get bread crumbs, but they do not reflect my page from which the transition was made, but the archive page. Is it possible for the crumbs to display a page that uses a shortcode?

    My breadcrumbs now look like this: Главная / news / Установка фонарей
    But I need: Главная / Новости / Установка фонарей
    Where “Новости” is a page with shortcode.

    Thank you so much!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    This is not related to our plugin you can customize your breadcrumbs as per you need.


    Hello. Thanks for the answer. Perhaps I incorrectly described my problem, I will try to rephrase.

    Is it possible to replace the generated link so that instead of the archive a page is displayed that contains the news shortcode that is currently open?

    For example:

    My_news page (it contains the [sp_news] shortcode). From this page, you will be taken to the news itself. But url turns out site_name / NEWS / news_name. I understood how to change the slug to “my_news” so that the url would look like this: site_name / MY_NEWS / news_name, but how to make it not become an archive page, but lead exactly to the contents of “my_news”?

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    In short, you want here your news page link where you have added shortcode right?

    There is not any control to change breadcrumbs by our plugin, its looks like breadcrumb is your theme or any plugin feature, you can customize the breadcrumb as per your need.

    you can create an archive page for news in theme template page will be “archive-news.php” and then you can add your shortcode in the “archive-news.php” page.
    When you hit URL like then “archive-news.php” will call


    Проблему не решили? Такая же фигня… не могу разобраться пока

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    Hello @comandante77 ,

    Can please you write in English.

    Sorry. Sure. I asked did evtalex solved this problem or not.
    I have right the same situation. Have found it yesterday and
    still didnt find solution.

    I agree with you, that problem is related to breadcrumbs not to news. I use Linten theme and it has Breadcrumb Trail plugin\script integrated into.

    Not too complex for the first look, but still cant find where bug is

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    Well, things begin moving forward, but not yet complete.
    Think, I need your advice and help.
    First of all I change Permalinks from Simple to Post Name
    and things became more understandably. But..
    Here is my site –
    Also, I changed ‘slug’ from “news” to “info” by adding code to functions.php.

    I have upper menu with item which is link to simple page, where
    only [sp_news] record. And it has it’s own link (lower left corner on picture):

    I have latest news block on front page, which is just shortcode also.
    Link to the specific news is using /info/ slug. I understand it why, its ok.
    And link to Category using /news-category/ slug. Its ok also.

    When I enter page , where shortcode [sp_news] is,
    I can see the next:
    Its very good for me – especially dates.

    When I enter any post I see the next situation:
    Only article, no date. Link in the breadcrumbs is
    and I understand, that its normal. Ok.

    But when I go to I’ve got next:
    No dates!! And!! I’ve got sign ‘Archives:…” at the header.

    So, two questions:

    1. How I can get the same looking of foo://bar/info and [sp_news] shortcode? Especially dates.

    2. Why when I enter foo://bar/info my theme thinks it Archives?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Sorry for my english, not too many practice right now )))

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    1. How I can get the same looking of foo://bar/info and [sp_news] shortcode? Especially dates.

    >>There is no plugin control in your theme files. this is simply where you add our plugin shortcode there our plugin will display news with our design.

    >>This is the normal behavior of WordPress like when you hit URL like then the archive page(archive.php) will call and will display a news custom post type list, hows it looks design its depend on your theme archive.php design, there is no plugin roll in the theme.

    >>Suppose you have event custom post type and you will hit URL like then also this case archive.php will call and display the list of events.

    >>Now if you want to change design specially for the news archive page then you can copy the archive.php and remain it archive-news.php, now you can customize the news archive page as per your need like change HTML structure, etc.

    you can get more idea form WP template hierarchy

    2. Why when I enter foo://bar/info my theme thinks it Archives?
    >>I hope you get the answer from question 1

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