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  1. snootie6
    Posted 3 years ago #

    My site is bookreview.cassium.org I want to change it to mcdreams.cassium.org. I think i have done this before, but it was several years ago, and i honestly can't remember. When i goto the general settings, there is no URL things. Is this possible? If not, how can i get this URL? Would i need to register a new site??

  2. It's strange that there's no settings in your general settings. It should be right there on the screen and give you two url settings, WordPress and Site url.

    What you could do instead if that's not the case is go to your hosting capnel,
    register a new subdomain
    install WordPress once your new subdomain is ready
    import your content from the old site to the new one.

    You should aslo upgrade your WordPress version while you're at it. Version 3.5 is now out and much improved.

  3. snootie6
    Posted 3 years ago #

    could it be because i havent updated? i mean to tommorrow, but need to get permission :(
    all i have in my settings is site title, tagline, email, timezone, date format, time format, and week starts on. whilst i was researching this, it said that if it wasn't there, you could have multiple sites or something? i did used to have a old site called the ultimate guide to clubpenguin, but that evolved into the bookreview site. i can't remember how i did it that time and need help. should it be possible??

    and thank you for getting back so quickly :)

  4. could it be because i havent updated? i mean to tommorrow, but need to get permission :(

    i don't think so, these settings have always been there.

    Who do you need permission from? Could it be that, that person would know? Maybe someone else set this up for you and they've hidden some of this for you?

    you could have multiple sites or something

    Perhaps you're running multisite?

    I'm really not sure what's going on here. I'll ask some multisite experts to see if they think that's what's going on.

  5. snootie6
    Posted 3 years ago #

    no i need permission from my parents :) i know it isn't them hiding it - because... well, i just KNOW... what is multisite? i didn't set it up, and as i recall, i just pushed a button and typed the words in last time...

  6. Hi @snootie6,

    I asked on twitter and yes, you're site is a multisite, so that's why you're not seeing the same thing as I. I'll move your thread to the multisite section and hopefully someone with multisite experience will be able to guide you through the right steps.

  7. snootie6
    Posted 3 years ago #

    oh ok thank you :) sorry to bother you i didn't realise... Thank You Anyway!!

  8. You have to go to WP Admin -> Network -> Sites and edit the sites.

    However you ALSO have to edit other places, and this is extra annoying if the subdomain names are different lengths.

    I would change it via WP Admin, then run http://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/ to search/replace the DB for the old name.

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