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  • Hi please help me i am new to this i do have a blog running on blogger so i figure now its time to get started and learn MT one i did install the wordpress on my server i see it is up and running but how can i do custom graphics please someone can help thank you my email is thank you again.

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  • First of all I would start by taking a look at the documentation offered in different places:
    Or, if you are unfamiliar with CSS, you can download one of the many WP CSS Styles offered by the community, e.g. here:

    OK i do know some about css but my question was how do i change the the backgroud to custom one i already have the layout set up that comes with html file but if i upload it it wont open.everything is php

    Hmmm… Maybe I am a bit (mentally) slow today, so let me ask you: Are you saying that you have the “layout” in html? Meaning there is a html file with all the hard coding that you would like in your layout – i.e. the INDEX page? Or do you have an index.html AND a layout.css file?
    Well, it won’t work in html. WordPress in based on PHP and MySQL database. Html does not communicate with a database.
    What you could do, though: log in into your WP-admin and clicking on Templates it will open your index.php file which you can alter in any way you’d like, even inserting your “layout” from that html file you have. Honestly, I would not recommend it. But if you do, BACK UP first everything 🙂
    The other thing that you could try: Put everything you want to do with your layout into a CSS file, replace the existing wp-layout.css file with your own, and you are done.

    Hi there ok i have index_mt.html & style.css i know i am new at this thats why i am trying to figure out how to use MT friend told me wordpress is much easyer :0) thanks so much for you’re help.

    Take your index_mt.html and change the extension to php. That will give you index_mt.php. Since WP is written in PHP all your pages will have a PHP extension (with exception to the CSS file of course).
    Then pop open that file in an editor and also open the index.php in an editor. You’ll want to start cutting and pasting things in as you see fit. The important stuff is The Loop and the stuff in between the header tags. Everything else you can figure out if you read through the wiki. When you are finished with that, make sure you rename your index_mt.php to index.php.
    Post back if I’ve confused you anymore. I was trying to unconfuse, I swear. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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