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  • cibaohost


    Hello there,

    I’m already have FFMPEG installed on my server but I’m getting the next error:

    FFMPEG is not installed on the server, therefore this plugin cannot function properly.
    Please verify with your administrator or hosting provider to have this installed and configured.

    How can I change the FFMPEG path in your plugin? tell me what file I need to edit and what line, please.

    Best regards!

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  • Plugin Author AlexRayan


    Hello Cibaohost,

    Sorry for late reply.
    Here’s the file and line where the path is specified:


    The are several lines you would need to edit:
    line 229: add /path/to/ffmpeg/installation/ before running ffmpeg command as such:

    /usr/bin/ffmpeg -y -i ".$source." ". $extra ." ".$target;

    line 282: add /path/to/ffmpeg/installation/ before running ffmpeg command as such:

    /usr/bin/ffmpeg -y -i ".$source." $extra ".$target;

    We originally had a path as such /usr/local/bin/ or /usr/bin/ but turns out that some users have different installation paths than the general one.
    If the server configured properly, you should be able to run ffmpeg command from the terminal without specifying the path to the installation.
    However, in some cases you might need to specify it.
    If you have ssh access (I assume you do, since you installed ffmpeg), try running encoding command from the terminal as such:
    ffmpeg -i /path/to/video.ext /path/to/image%d.jpg

    See if the image is being generated from the video.ext or if not what error responses are you getting. It might be helpful in debugging the issue.

    If you continue having issues, please feel free to email me at

    Best regards,

    I’m also having this problem and the above modifications haven’t made a difference. 🙁

    Plugin Author AlexRayan


    Hello Angeljs,

    do you have ssh access to the server?
    If so you could run the following command from the shell to test if ffmpeg is installed and working correctly:

    ffmpeg -y -i /path/to/source/file.ext -acodec libfaac -vcodec libx264 -f mp4 -vtag avc1 -vpre normal -refs 1 -coder 1 -level 31 -threads 8 -partitions parti4x4+parti8x8+partp4x4+partp8x8+partb8x8 -flags +mv4 -trellis 1 -cmp 256 -me_range 16 -sc_threshold 40 -i_qfactor 0.71 -bf 0 -g 250 /path/to/new/file/to/save.newext

    If ffmpeg doesn’t work for you, you should put the path to it before ffmpeg (for example):
    and run the same command.

    What errors are you getting while running this command? They will help us debug the issue.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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