How can I change colour in WordPress post footer bar - theme "Pink Blossoms"? (4 posts)

  1. heavenlyblue
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I'm totally new to PHP, and have only slight CSS experience. I have a WordPress blog, and would like the comments option to be more visible below individual posts on the main page. I would like to do this by changing the word colour of only a few words, rather than the whole post footer bar.

    In the line "There are currently No Comments" (or "1 Comment", "Two Comments", etc), I would like to change only the words "No Comments", "1 Comment", "Two Comments", etc to a bright canary yellow so that people relatively unfamiliar with blogs can see the comments option.

    I did a general search for PHP font colour, and pasted the code I found into the WordPress theme's index.php file. The code I found was:

    $textcolor = imagecolorallocate($im, 0, 0, 255);

    I tried pasting it into four different places, and making a few small adjustments, but failed entirely to get a satisfactory result.

    I include here a a link to a photo of the blog post footer bar and to the blog's main page:



    Any help offered would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Samuel B
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I would think the comment text would be styled in your theme's style.css

  3. heavenlyblue
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Here are the only references I can find:

    1) From style.css:

    #commentform a {
    	color: #474404;
    	text-decoration: none;
    #commentform a:hover {
    	text-decoration: underline;

    - problem: this seems to allow me to change ALL text only, not individual words

    2) From index. php:

    php the_category(', ') ?> on <?php the_time('F j, Y') ?>
                        <!-- | by <?php the_author() ?> -->| <?php edit_post_link('Edit', '', ' | '); ?>
                        There are currently <?php comments_popup_link('No Comments', '1 Comment', '% Comments'); ?>

    3) In comments.php I cannot find anything that seems to refer to displaying number of comments, and cannot see any of the text that is displayed in the post footer bar. Therefore I assume that it's not involved directly in displaying comment numbers and other info in the post footer bar.

    Thanks, Samboll, for your response. Any thoughts on this code? (Please remember that I'm a novice, and cannot yet do PHP coding per se on my own.)

  4. heavenlyblue
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Plus, I notice now that the style.css code seems to be for the comment (input) form only, not for the post footer bar comment number display.

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