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  • I’ve added a little more detail here:

    So I’m looking for a video, animation or presentation that convincingly demonstrates how easy it is to create, edit and manage pages, articles, menus, text, images, embedded content, etc. etc. with WordPress. The back-end, indeed.

    The best way might be for me to go and live-demonstrate the back-end on a WP install, but I think they prefer a file or link that they can share (time-shift) rather than calling everybody into a room or conference call.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  • Start here:

    But that is really just a slideshow presentation, but was done by the guru of WP-as-CMS Jake Goldman from He has stuff all over the web and somewhere at one of the WordCamps, he gave a great talk about using WP for enterprise – but really as a CMS. I can’t seem to find that video now, but one of the things he points out is to direct your potential clients to the Showcase. Let them see for themselves what kind of power WP has.

    Here’s another silent video by Goldman that may help you illustrate things: That’s a WordPress site?

    As far as the dashboard is concerned, the thing to remember is that one reason WP powers nearly 17% of the internet is because it is easy to use (and can even be made easier by a savvy developer). It may be worthwhile to tell them that using WP is often intuitive, things are generally where they belong, are well labeled and just make sense. The competing platforms are not always that way.

    Let them know that if WordPress is good enough for the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Yahoo!, Mozilla Labs, Nokia and many others than it is very much the right choice for them.

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