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  • I have several old pages for my site that I would like my new WordPress powered chunk to be able to search.

    Is there a way I can add and categorize the existing pages into WordPress’s system? I don’t want to just copy/paste the content into a new post because many of my old pages rank well. I also did a test witha 301 redirect from an old page to it’s new counterpart and it killed the ranking.

    So, I just want to have WP be able to search my old static pages as well as the other stuff.

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  • WP doesn’t search even its own Pages 🙂

    Without knowing your site ranking…. I’d predict that you’ll build up to your old ranking quicker than ever with WP and a Sitemap. So I’d just do the repost and 301’s.

    However another option is either: the Google “search this site” instead of the WP search; or check into some of the Search plugins and see if they enhance the coverage.

    I would like the WP search to be somewhat more powerful at least a few options. For me I have had trouble hacking it to search in Custom Fields the exact way that I want to do it.

    Dgold, did you use the “search everything” plugin, or do you have your own hack for the custom fields?

    I meant, I had so much trouble hacking it to search custom fields (the exact way that I want it to work), that I abandoned the idea so far, until I have lots of time to test it or can pay someone to help me. I think Kafkaesqui could do it, just haven’t bugged him enough to help me.

    I’ll look again at Search Everything but I doubt it will accomplish my exact need, which is not just searching for something that is within any custom field. I want to Search BY Custom Field. For example pretend I have a custom field that contains the Poem Author for every post. Then I want users to be able to search for all posts containing “raven” where the custom field:Poem_Author is “Edger Allen Poe”. Kafkaesqui made a plugin that almost works (it’s on his site) but it didn’t do exactly what I want.

    I realize this has very little to do with this thread… made another thread for this question long ago and it didn’t get resolved yet. No biggie, I know it’s an unusual request.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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