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  • I would also like to know this.

    I’d also like to know how to add some space between the columns. Right now, my page ( looks kind of bad with zero space between the two columns.

    Here is how to do it: paste the following in your edit CSS

    .one_half {
    	width: 48%;
    	margin-right: 1%;
    	margin-left: 1%;
    .one_third {
    	width: 32%;
    	margin-right: 1.3%;
    .two_third {
    	width: 64%;
    	margin-right: 2.6%;
    .one_fourth {
    	width: 24%;
    	margin-right: 1%;
    .three_fourth {
    	width: 72%;
    	margin-right: 3%;
    .one_fifth {
    	width: 19%;
    	margin-right: 1%;
    .two_fifth {
    	width: 38%;
    	margin-right: 2%;
    .three_fifth {
    	width: 57%;
    	margin-right: 3%;
    .four_fifth {
    	width: 76%;
    	margin-right: 3%;
    .one_sixth {
    	width: 16%;
    	margin-right: .6%;

    You can change the % values accordingly.

    I have tried this and it doesn’t appear to work. As soon as I apply one of the above classes, the column drops below the other column. I see how this should work, especially since you are adjusting the widths and margins, but it seems to be causing the columns to line up under the previous one. For example if I use:
    [one_half class=”one_half”]Some text[/one_half]
    [one_half_last class=”one_half”]More text[/one_half_last]
    Instead of showing:
    Some Text More Text
    It shows as:
    Some Text
    More Text

    I am trying this on my test site

    I have narrowed it down to the margin. As soon as a margin is added, no matter what margin is used, the columns line up below each other. It must be conflicting with something else but I have yet to figure it out!

    I’m getting closer. I have added !important; to each of my custom css. The theme must be trying to override something in the columns.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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