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  • I’ve created a page and i’m just trying to add a simple contact form. I see that I can add HTML on a page, how would I add my PHP form?


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  • Unless you use a plugin like PHPexec, RunPHP or ExecPHP (always confused by these names;) you cannot.

    For contactform I’d consider the Contact Form plugin:
    (check out to make sure you get the latest version)

    Thanks moshu,

    Bummer, I figured there was some easy hack out there for doing this.

    I prefer igsyntax-hiliter plugin!
    Not only for HTML and PHP codes but for most programming language such as C,SQL,ASP,CSS and so on …

    Cool thanks alvan, is igsyntax secure?

    I am afraid your reply isn’t really related to the OP. It was about using PHP code in a post/Page – not about displaying code. The plugin you linked to serves for displaying code in posts. Very different thing 🙂

    yes, i am sorry to trouble you
    with igsyntax-hiliter you can put codes in your posts
    no in php page! for adding php codes between HTMLS use this method:<? PHP CODES ?> no plugin require.
    if you want create contact form, the moshu plugin in second post is best!

    so is there a way to do this cause i was just coming over here to ask this very question. i tried what i think was a suggestion from alvanweb but that didn’t do anything…

    erm, nevermind. phpexec.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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