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    Seems you have already found a way to do this.


    Yes, I have edited form .php file inside the plugin, but I am worried that if update the plugin the code will be lost. Is there a way I can keep the custom code even after there are new updates to the plugin?

    And I want to replace the “Lost your password” to a different url instead of it opening the Form. As the Lost your password form uses default WordPress URL’s which we are not willing to use.

    Thank you for the brilliant plugin once again.

    Plugin Author Max K



    About Lost Password link – I have added following code, so you can filter url:

    $reset_pass_url = apply_filters( 'lrm/lost_password/link', $reset_pass_url, $password_reset_key, $user );

    Current code that generates the link:

    $reset_pass_url = add_query_arg(
      array('action'=>'rp', 'key'=>$password_reset_key, 'login'=> rawurlencode( $user->user_login )),

    About form – you can use action
    do_action( 'lrm_login_form' )
    to add your custom code.

    I was not able to understand your last reply.
    I am trying simply to remove the forgot password form and remove the class added to ERROR message “Lost your Password?” link [ lrm-form-message lrm-form-message–init “lrm-is-error”, lrm-is-error is added to the <p> ]
    We simply want to add a link to another page instead of opening a form when user clicks on ” Lost your password” link.

    Plugin Author Max K



    By idea you should override this JS, that open Reset Pass form on click to Link in error message. But I don’t know how to. Maybe hardcode in JS.

    $(document).on('click', '#lrm-login .lrm-form-message a', function (event) {

    And forgot password link in bottom hide via CSS to also change behavior via JS.

    To change rest pass url use this:

    Notes> Uses: apply_filters() Calls lostpassword_url hook on HTML link content.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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