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  • I am an artist with little to no skills in html. All of my prior html experience was from designed based programs like Dreamweaver and Frontpage. I’m now using wordpress v 3.2.1 with “Clockstone”v1.2. On my site we are using “Architect” sliders to display 5 or so slides per page of our website. Currently when you click on a slide, it displays a larger version of the image.

    I really need to make these clicks link to an external url instead, but I can’t find any option to do so. On each of my slides, I do see an option to “Slide image with link” but I’m not certain if this is what I’m looking for or not. Regardless, Enabling this option and entering a url doesn’t seem to change anything anyhow.

    I’ve read through many posts where users are requesting help getting urls on their sliders and such, but sadly all of the repsonses include code snippets and are over my head. 🙁 Perhaps this is something that is not possible, but it just seems like makibg a picture link to a url would be very basic functionality. I’m accustomed to Dreamweaver where I can select an image and just simply enter a url for it. Done! But now we are sort of stuck with our current wordpress set up, so Im trying to make it work for us.

    If anyone can offer a solution that a non-coder could implement I’d be very grateful.
    Link to my site:

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